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Сделал вот еще один транскрипт из Ричарда. Все-таки на редкость полезное это занятие. Кстати, обратите внимание, как он здесь описывает состояние мастерства:

If you remember that by being deliberate and rigorous
In a state of comfort and relaxation
This is the way in which wished come true

Вам это ничего не напоминает? Ха-ха. Вот и я о том же. Ну да ладно, к делу.

We’d like to welcome you to Richard Bandler dot tee vee

Today I thought that what we’d be doing
We'd be having you just sit back
Close your eyes for a second and then open them
Stare straight into the eye
Take a deep breath in through your mouth
And slowly let it out through your nose
And there’s a few things I’d like to remind you of
People have always asked me about the secrets of changing people
What’s the secret to happiness? What’s the secret of success?
What secret is there to being able to control your habits?
Because people are always looking for the secrets
On the outside
And that’s not where the secrets are
The secrets are within you
Just floating around
Relax my friends
Let your mind settle down
Slow down your inner voice, tempo, slow down
Change the tone sleepy
Aaaaah is the sound
Take another deep breath in through you nose and
Let it slowly out through your mouth
Move your conscious mind back
And let go off your doubts
The beliefs that you have
About how hard it is to change this or that
These are the things that create the feelings of struggle
People have struggled with fears for years
And with doubts for years
People have struggled this way or that
But if you let the back of your mind move forward
And the front just move back
If you take the conscious thoughts and let them flow into the distance
Take the doubts and the beliefs that create the anxiety and the fears
And the struggles
The things that you’ve been doing for years and years
And let the images move off into the distance and the voices get far away
It’s time to create something new inside you that simply can stay
Because learning is simple when you really relax
If you start with a good feeling
Then you simple get passed
So let yourself float down
Deeper, deeper inside
There’s no need to worry
No need to threat
Just a way of reminding you
That if you relax
If you just simply relax
Deeper and deeper inside
The secret of changing will no longer hide
Just take bits of good memories from your past
And as they float by moving from here to there
Somewhere inside
If you remember good feelings from your childhood
From time to time
Remember there was so much new when you were younger
There was new ideas, new toys, new books and learnings, new movies and friends
And now when you’re older
You can do it again
Because when things were new and you didn’t know too much
To known that they were hard you didn’t make them hardbecause you didn’t know better
So now it is time to remember
What to forget
It’s time to relax and do it the other way
Yet you struggled and worried and made things so hard
Now it’s time to soften
Smooth, relax
All inside
Relax your toes, your forehead and your nose
Your ankles and knees, your neck and your back
Move your fingers wiggle them and relax
And just soften and soften the back of your neck
Take another deep breath
And slowly let it out
And something will happen to what once was a strong doubt
Dissolving, dissolving
Is the secret inside
The secret of change
Is being deliberate deep in your mind
If your remember each thing you’ve heard about changing
Each time perhaps if you seen me work with someone or heard it before
On a tape or a record or a video or… in a seminar
It does not matter where it is
It’s always the same
The secret of changing simply remains
If you deliberate, so deliberate that you go through the steps
If you look at your doubts and look at your regrets
And let the images fade away
Dissolve and become transparent
You could see what’s behind that you don’t have yet
You can move forward with the good feeling of relaxation, of comfort
Because from the soft feelings and from the warm parts inside
The history of passed memories you know that you can plan
To feel good in the future
And to live without regret
If you take your internal voice and you change it from here to there
Move it into front, to the left, in the back
And have it talk slowly about relaxing, relaxing, softening
And float deeper down
It’s time to begin
To really relax
And just let go you mind
And begin to fly on the wings of time
Back, way back
Not that mind
The other mind, the other mind
The other mind
Yes, that mind, that mind
The mind that remembers that by feeling good
That when something in the back of your mind goes “uuuuh”
Then it’s time when you could
You’ve tried new things before
And if you just a little deliberate and open this door
From the good feelings that you know how to make
If you let the bad feelings fade away and you bring up what you want
And see the desires that are there in your mind
To be able to be freer most of the time
To be able to smile when you used to be afraid
To let your anxiety simply fade
It does not matter to me which change someone wants to make
I know most of the troubles wound up in the ways that they found to hesitate
They think in their mind that things will be hard and of course they are
So it’s better if you think in your mind how you are going to make things easy
If you begin and picture and see your own success
To begin to see yourself as your own leader
And teach yourself leadership
If you just drift down deeper and deeper inside
And make a big image of how you want to be
And if it’s something you desire then it’s the right movie
As if you desire to be that way then it’s only inside your mind
That you remember this is the movie you should be showing most of the time
If you have a voice that goes “that’s it, I want that, I want that, yes”
And then you go back and look at the pictures that were there before
The doubts and the fears and worries and more
And look at them and just say “no”
Look at the movie, say “yes”
Fade the doubts and brighten the movie
Push the doubts away and pull the movie up
If you remember that by being deliberate and rigorous
In a state of comfort and relaxation
This is the way in which wished come true
They say up wishes were horses and horses were men
That we can do things in the confusing way again
I say if you wish from inside your mind
Deep in comfort and learning this time
Then somehow something special and magic will occur
‘Cause when you come out of this trance
You are going to discover something new
The movie that is playing in the back of your mind
As you push the movie deep inside
Discarding your doubts and your worries and fear
Put a new voice and pull it up near
One with confidence and one that’s certain
One that creates feelings that this is about to happen
When you think of what you want
The voice that says “yes”, the voice that says “go for it”
The voice without regret
The other voice will start to drip in just say “no!”
And let them turn the volume down
Until they only lumbering and there is no sound
By controlling your mind you control what you do
And it aims your future so that your dreams become true
This is Richard Bandler from Richard Bandler television
Over, under and it’s time to come out.
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