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Бессознательное моделирование из второй позиции.

I was thinking of all people I worked on through all the years
The one thing I seem to notice about them is very rarely
Do they take time to reflect upon their life and to go into a state to allow the learnings that made
And just a chance to relax deeply
To really relax deeply
As you sit here
And watch the eye on the screen
I am thinking about you
It’s a chance for you right now
To just look at that eye
And to realize: your unconscious is about to learn something important
As well as your conscious mind
As you stare into this eye
Put your feet on the floor and your hands on the thighs
And take a very very deep breath in through your nose
And let it sloooowly out through your mouth
And as you do so let your conscious mind begin to slow down
Slow down the tempo of your internal voices
Slow down the images
Slow down your breathing
Your heart rate
Your blood pressure
And take a moment to reflect
Reflection, of course, is like a spot of light dancing across a mirror or a piece of glass
It moves backwards and forwards
If you let your thoughts inside your mind, the one that were rathing
Slow down enough and let your breathing
Slow down enough
It gives you a chance to begin to go down inside
And begin to remember perhaps the little things you haven’t thought about
Many people take time to clean off the kitchen counter
To wash a glass
And yet they don’t take time to polish their own attitude
And clean their own understandings and to purify
Their own breath, their own conscious and unconscious
So that they really get the best of learnings
And the best of the refreshing moment
In just one day
If for the next week you take the time
Just five minutes a day
To go inside
Way inside
Deep enough inside to make contact with your other mind
Not your conscious mind
Not the driven mind
But the learning mind
The back of your mind
Because inside yourself
If you take another deep breath
In through your nose and slooowly let it out
What happens is
As you go back and relax your shoulders
Your forehead
Your face
Your chest
Your arms
Even your fingertips
Your hips
Your knees and thighs and legs
Right down to your toes
With each breath you can relax more
And somewhere from the back of your mind
You can only bring up
The special experiences
Of this day
And the days that precedes it
Because in the days that you’re in
You can sometimes just smile
From the satisfaction
If there is in any moment in that day which was special
A moment, where you went “U-hu”
A moment, where you went “Aaaaah”
A moment, where your went “Uuuuh”
And stopped and begin to contemplate
On that feeling
That something is about to happen
That something is worth understanding
Then in a moment of reflection the dancing lights inside your thoughts begin to move
Cycling down and down
Moving through the skin
Deep within
Within deep
Thoughts you
Your thoughts are thinking now
Because on the inside learning is done in a different way
The un-conscious way
From your unconscious now
You have a chance
In just this moment
To let your unconscious
Clean out and purify
So that incomplete thoughts, stresses and worries
Can dissolve
For. No. Reason.
It’s not important where they go when they go away
It’s only important that you realize feeling good
Feels much better than feeling bad
And the best thing about the past
Is that it’s over
So let those thoughts drift away far
Away. Let the worries
Drift away
Start to listen to the silence between sounds
And as I speak to you
I want your unconscious now
To remember to listen to the words
Just drifting with sound
To pay attention to the feelings
As your consciousness drifts down
Inside the rhythm of this tone voice
Is just a thought that there is more for you soon
It’s coming from the back of your mind
It rises each night just like Moon
As in your sleep and in the hypnotic sleep and dreams
Thoughts rise up and drift away
And the good ideas
They are ones that stay
Because if you let your good ideas now
Remember to bright them forth
Your bound feel better
And to set a much better course
So take a few moments
This way
This way
Let the bad thoughts just drift away
And take the good feelings and bring them forward
Each day
So that life begins to shine from deep within
Your own heart and spirit and mind
That’s right
And when you’re ready of course
Then drift back to consciousness and feel that there’s delight ahead
Someone wants dream there’s the light! There’s the day light! at the end of the tunnel
Move into the light and open your eyes
And face the day with a great surprise
This is Richard Bandler television. Over. And out.
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