Алексей Каптерев (kapterev) wrote,
Алексей Каптерев

the US: status update 2

We are still in Philly, yesterday I went to a contact class to Headlong dance theater (www.headlong.org). I would say that I ain't never been to a class like this. In effect, we did 1 (one) excercise for two hours, which resulted in many people who never danced before dancing. We did a lot of release techniques, aimed to turn your partner into a soft dummy. A dummy you can dance with. Interesting!

The teacher, David Brick is one of the three co-founders of the theater. He moved to Philly from NY because he thought that founding a dance company would be much easier here. After six years, he says, the three founders don't do any other job apart from dancing, which is a huge success. David is a charming guy and a beautiful mover. Yet another person to tell me I should teach contact. Ok, we are out to do some shopping, see you people.
Tags: english, somatics
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