Алексей Каптерев (kapterev) wrote,
Алексей Каптерев

The US: status update 1

We are in Philly staying with a close friend of mine. Yesterday we went to one of the best museums in the world - the Barnes collection (www.barnesfoundation.org). This is a gallery founded by one of the Philadelphia's dentists (no kidding) who traveled to France many-many times and bought propably one third of the impressionistic art ever existed. Apart from the great content, it is most certainly the best museum in the world I ever saw in terms of selection and arrangement. It was done so carefully and lovingly you would not believe me. I highly recommend you visiting the place if you happen to be in Philly, just keep in mind that you will have to book online in advance (maybe several weeks in advance depending on season).

The Rodin museum is also quite impressive. Did you ever know than the Thinker's statue sits on top of the Gates of Hell? Rodin makes stunning hands for his statues, they probably do half of the job as far as his art is concerned. We will be seeing some more museums today, will pay a visit to the Atlantic City and probably leaving towards New York tomorrow to do some shopping in Woodbury common outlets, then we move to Maine for ski and lobsters.
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