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Whoa. Halloween's approaching. Mmm.... What should we do this time? Dress like jerks and pop into some stupid nightclub? No. Go hang out with Moscow expats? Maybe. Go to Tochka and party with goths? Yes. That's the way I like it. Goths are the only people who can celebrate Halloween properly.

Idiot's guide to Halloween:

1) Watch Nightmare before Christmas.
2) Go to some nice cemetery (Vedenskoye - in case you are in Moscow) with your dearest friend and have a nice mind-stimulating conversation. If so happens that your dearest friend went to St. Petersburg with somebody you've never seen in your whole life you may skip this part.
3) Go to a gothic club/party.
4) Enjoy yourself (be sure to dance).


Завтра мы идем праздновать Хэлловин с готами. В "Точку", на Edge of Night 7 (я был на трех из шести предыдущих). Если решитесь составить компанию, имейте в виду: готы - странные люди.
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