Алексей Каптерев (kapterev) wrote,
Алексей Каптерев

Транскрипт аудиозаписи беседы президента США Ричарда Никсона со своими сотрудниками незадолго до Уотегрейта. При чтении вслух в лицах легко сойдет за монтипайтоновский скетч.

President: And maybe another approach to it would be to set up and remember I already mentioned to set up a new classification.

Ehrlichman: Right.

President: Which we would call what? Let’s just call it a new classifica – Don’t use TOP SECRET for me ever again. I never want to see TOP SECRET in this god damn office. I think we just solved – shall we call it – uh, John, what would be a good name? “President’s Secure” – or, uh, “Eyes Only” is a silly thing, too. It doesn’t mean anything anymore. Uh –

Krogh: We used “Presidential Document” before with one of the counsel we were working with, but that didn’t – there’s some –

Ehrlichman: How about – uh, uh, looking forward to the court case, I wonder if we could get the words “National Security” in it.

President: Yeah.

Ehrlichman: So that “National” uh, just say “National Security Classified” or “National Security –”

Krogh: [Unintelligible]

Ehrlichman: “Secret” or uh –

President: Well, uh, not the word “Secret” should not be used.

Ehrlichman: All right, uh, uh –

President: Because you see “Secret” has been now compromised.

Ehrlichman: How about “Privilege”?

President: “Privilege” is, is not strong.

Ehrlichman: Too soft, too soft.

President: “National Security” uh, “National Security” uh –

Ehrlichman: “Restricted.” “Restricted.”

President: Right. “National Security” and uh, I agree to “National, Na – , National Security” –

Ehrlichman: “Restriction”?

President: “Priority.”

Ehrlichman: “Controlled”?

President: Or “National Security – Priority – Restricted – Controlled.”

Ehrlichman: Oh, we’ll – let us work on it.

(The transcript from White House tapes is included in the Statement of Information, Hearings before the Committee of the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Ninety-Third Congress, Pursuant to H. Res. 803 [proposed impeachment of Richard M. Nixon], Book VII – Part 2, “White House Surveillance Activities and Campaign Activities,” (May-June 1974), pp. 874-876.)
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