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Для всех любителей писать и беседовать про телекоммуникации, особенно для ailev и v_novikov, забавный случай: румынская телекоммуникационная монополия, Ромтелеком, отказала в установке телефона человеку, который подал заявление 28 лет назад.

Last Update: Thursday, August 19, 2004. 12:28pm (AEST)

After 28 years, phone line request turned down

A Romanian man who submitted a written request for a fixed phone line in 1976 has finally received a reply from Romania's state-run Romtelecom, telling him it still has no lines available. The letter to Gheorghe Titianu said: "We inform you that we still do not have any lines available. "But if you maintain your request, please fill out the attached form." Mr Titianu had the courtesy to answer. "I am honoured that you have not forgotten me after 28 years," he wrote, tongue firmly in cheek. "But in the meantime I have gotten married, had two children and have even gotten a phone line in my new home." Romtelecom took the incident, which it described as "nothing exceptional", in its stride. "A lot of people who request lines die in the meantime, which is why we like to confirm that a request is still current," a customer service representative said.

-- AFP
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